The fog has gone

Today for the first time in a long time I felt content and happy. I walked down the street without the paranoia that people were looking at me, I felt alive with the cool spring wind blowing through my hair. It made me happy to look up at the clouds, and at the trees and the grass casually blowing in the wind. It was an amazing feeling, like being high without drugs… I was high on life. My only fear was that the feeling would not last, after feeling so down in the dumps for so long it was a genuine fear, I was scared that I felt happy! I didn’t know how to deal with that feeling. I was full of energy, I couldn’t sleep the night before whilst at my boyfriends and I even took a break to the bathroom and jumped up and down for five minutes to try and shake off some of the energy. Anyway I do hope this feeling stays, despite being confusing it is so very refreshing, I’d almost forgotten what natural happiness was.

This post is probably not very organised, my brain’s currently firing out sentences quicker than I can type them out but I’m sure the general point of it is clear.


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