Plan for tonight…

Apply for some jobs, tidy my room, get some ket and play oblivion. God my life is boring :P


blah blah blah

Wahh can’t sleep, stressing over nothing. Can’t wait to get back to Manchester and my boyfriend on wednesday

Getting active

People keep telling me exercise is great for improving your mood so I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m going to a ten minute workout video I found on youtube daily and I’ve decided to get back into rock climbing. I definitely need to ease myself back into it though, tried doing a pull up on the door frame just now and I couldn’t do it at all, considering I used to able to easily haul myself up and down climbing walls and rock faces that’s kinda bad. And the ten minute workout I just did has left me feeling sick, my body clearly hasn’t experienced proper exercise for way too long!


I’ve been on a bender for too long now, don’t think my body can take much more going out and partying and not sleeping so I’m detoxing for a bit, need to find something else to do now though as the majority of my time this past week has been spent clubbing…. ooopsy.