I can’t help thinking how fragile life is, and how invincible we feel at times. Seeing my younger brother lying in a coffin really brought home how vulnerable we really are, and how precious life is, not just us to but to everyone around us. I’ve never really been scared of dying before, but now the thought of death is what keeps me awake every night, making me feel anxious and paranoid that something else bad is going to happen to me or someone close to me. I’m not scared of dying for myself but for the people who would be left behind. In my opinion death is the end, once you’re dead there’s no more pain or suffering for you, only for the living. And if I’m wrong and there is an afterlife, then there’s nothing to fear really, but of course we will never know the truth in this life. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love to see my brother again and put right all the mistakes I feel I made with him, and him with me. I’ll always regret not getting to know him better, and I want to give that message to others, to really appreciate your friends and family, because one day they may not be there and then you won’t be able to tell them all the things you wanted to. 


An old lady died, so what?!

People are so weird about death. Margaret Thatcher was 87 when she died today, what’s so sad about someone that old dying really? I mean, that’s exactly what you’re meant to do when you get to that age. I don’t agree with people being glad she’s dead, but at the same time people who make a point of their thoughts being with her family are just being oversensitive in my opinion. What about all the children who die in the world every day? Give your ‘thoughts’ to their families instead. I know it sounds insensitive but death happens, it’s just part of life, it sucks but we’re all going to die and there’s absolutely nothing anyone anywhere can do about it. So just accept it, get over it and stop being so fucking sanctimonious about it.