Scrambled Thought Processes

There are two things in my life that make me feel normal… Ketamine, and my boyfriend. When my boyfriend isn’t around I take ketamine to feel normal. When I’m alone I just sit in my room begging for the motivation to get a job, to be productive to feel better about myself but it never comes. I want to buy a diary to write in, instead of writing things online but I can’t even fathom the energy to write with a pen, typing is easier. I don’t have to look at the page when I’m writing and the letters form themselves. I don’t take drugs because I want to, I take them because I can’t cope with having so little energy and feeling so useless and self loathing. I used to care about the detrimental effects that ketamine will ultimately have on my bladder but right now I don’t really care. The conflict in my brain is that I do want to care, and I do want to have the energy to do things but I just don’t know how. Reading off A Level psychology here (which, by the way I failed)… I think I’ve learned to feel like this and so perhaps a bit of CBT might help. The only problem with this however is that it does trivialize my problems, and you have to overcome the initial laziness (for lack of a better word) in order to go to the doctors to get medication (not CBT) or to go to a counselling service. I don’t want to ask for help because I don’t know if what I’m feeling is genuine or if it’s just self obsession or self pity. Perhaps everyone feels like this and actually I’m normal, but the difference is that other people just aren’t lazy useless cunts like me. I know drugs don’t help the situation and I’m not a full blown addict I can honestly say (i’m a young 20 year old guy who comes from a good home, with happy supportive friends around me) but they do provide a short pleasurable release, and until I start to feel better I can’t see me stopping doing it. My friends I should probably mention, nearly all have their own problems to deal with, and to burden them with my own would be simply unfair. Problems such as drugs, self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts etc, yet on the outside we all come across as happy happy people. Unlike my friends, who seem to do it for recreational purposes, a drugged up night out for me is an escape from the boring, depressing daily situation that is my life.

…A short little footnote in case anyone on the internet reads this- I expect this post is probably very disorganized and muddled as coincidentally I am currently a bit off my face (apologies), but I hope you get the general gist of it. There’s also probably a lot of contradictions in this post so apologies for that too, I guess it just ties in with the title of this post.

What did I just write?! EEEEEEEEEEEEK!